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Living is about learning
It is a lifelong Quest

Questing Confidence:
Managing My Holy Grail

Personal Growth Through Travel

Life does not stop at the ending of the last chapter of a completed memoir.

Come questing to continue Marilyn's stories of personal growth through travel.

Questing Marilyn, a self-help memoir, shares common themes Marilyn encountered with clients in her therapy practice. Using life experiences for the backbone of her books, Marilyn continued her story sharing life lessons in Questing France, and Questing Home.

"As I matured I was repeatedly rewarded with praise for how I was able to use personal stories to illustrate practical application of life skills. I am one of the many people who learn best through stories. Wanting to leave a legacy for anyone wanting to look back on family history, and to share my learning, I have chosen to write my fourth book, Questing Confidence focusing on being a single woman at mid-life” says Marilyn.

Quest’s books help those who struggle with relationship issues.

"Taking control of personal power is a major growth process in personal development. By accepting responsibility to create the life we desire we gain life skills.

I have been told by many of my readers that I have been an inspiration to them to follow their own dreams even when they seem to be impossible” Marilyn asserts.

Read The Preface of Questing Confidence.


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